Wendy Stuart Kaplan Hosts TriVersity Talk! Sunday At 7 PM ET with Featured Guests Flavio Alves and Tym Moss

September 9, 2020

TriVersity Talk is a weekly web series with featured guests discussing their lives, activism and pressing issues in the LGBTQ Community. With TriVersity Talk!, the goal is to laugh and learn.

TriVersity Talk! Is pary of TriVersity’s ICARE Initiative. ICARE stands for Increasing Community Awareness through Relevant Education. ICARE Programs are generously funded by The Greater Pike Community Foundation.

Wendy Stuart Kaplan has over 40 years working as an activist in the LGBTQ Community and is a co-founder of TriVersity.

This Sunday Sept 13, at 7pm, expressing our truth in film, TriVersity Talk is proud to welcome Flavio Alves, Director of “The Garden Left Behind” which premiered at SXSW and was just released on Amazon, iTunes, Fandango, Google Play and additional platforms. The story of Tina an undocumented Mexican-born trans woman living in New York with her beloved grandmother Eliana. Tina’s trials reveal the prejudices faced by a wider community in a film where all trans characters are played by trans-actors.

The multi-talented actor, writer, singer, radio host, and activist Tym Moss who appeared in the film, will be joining us in what promises to be a lively discussion of this dramatic film which used the testimonies of over 100 trans men and women to create the characters in the film. You can find us on our Triversity Facebook page or the Triversity YouTube channel. You don’t want to miss this!!!!!

Watch TriVersity Talk! Live on Sunday Night at 7 PM ET here:


The official website for the TriVersity Center may be found at https://www.triversitycenter.org

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