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Wendy Stuart-Kaplan, a ’70s Club Kid Who Lived to Tell All, Still Going Strong

Wendy Stuart KaplanWendy Stuart Kaplan lived the life of a ’70s club kid before becoming an author and filmmaker. (Photo: Steven Menendez)

New Yorker Wendy Stuart-Kaplan is a ’70s club kid and model who has done it all, from basking in the dazzling lights of the legendary Studio 54 and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Carl Bernstein, Andy Warhol and Calvin Klein, to saving elephants on treks to Thailand.

The Bronx-born Kaplan has been omnipresent in pop culture for 40 years and lived to tell about it.

Wendy Stuart-Kaplan Details Her Life on the New York City Club Scene in: She’s the Last Model Standing 

The legendary New York Post gossip columnist Earl Wilson once wrote an entire column about her bedazzling presence. The column was titled “She Dances Alone.”

In 2015, She released her own book, “She’s The Last Model Standing,” about her 30-year career as a “fit model.”

Who else can say women’s underwear sold at Wal-Mart is modeled on their size eight bottom? Wendy can. “I cover the asses of the masses,” she boasts.

Kaplan is still going strong after 45 years in fashion. At just over five-feet, eight-inches tall, she still weighs 135 pounds, just as she did in the ’70s and ’80s when she partied hard at celebrity studded Studio 54.

These days, Wendy can often be found at The Explorer’s Club on Manhattan’s tony East Side, giving tours, or at the downtown New York City hub, Irving Plaza, hosting a Night of 1000 Stevie’s.

She’s also released, in conjunction with husband Alan Kaplan, the film “Witnesses and Whisperers.” It’s about fight to preserve the gorilla, chimpanzees and monkeys in Cameroon.

The movie was previewed recently at the Chelsea Film Festival.

Stuart-Kaplan sat down with IM to talk about her career and her new film in a Q&A.

Wendy Stuart-Kaplan, a ’70s Club Kid Who Lived to Tell All, Still Going Strong

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