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Wendy Stuart is an actress, comedienne, fit model and commercial print model but she always felt deep down in her past life, she was a famous explorer because she has spent this life recreating that quest for adventure. Wendy is known for her quirky sensibility, and off beat interpretation of characters that have gotten her cast in film, TV, and theatre. Whether playing an expert on wacky weddings on Geraldo, hosting fashion segments for Spiegel Home Shopping, or sporting a fabulous tiara as Mrs. NY, Wendy Stuart definitely brings her signature flair to everything she does.

The combination of studying anthropology and theatre initiated a dramatic life change, leading Wendy to a village in Nigeria to study voodoo. The locals called her "Oyebo", which means the white skin around a peeled orange. Wendy's passion for the unusual has also brought her to the Amazon where her adventures included interviewing a tapir, eating reeds with the Amayra Indians in Lake Titicaca in Peru, and hanging with the Kuna Indians in the San Blas Islands.

Although Wendy Stuart is a NYC girl (why don't they have street lights in the country?), she is passionate for decorating country style. Wendy accents her creations with country antiques from all over the world and her work has been featured in national magazines.

As a well-known Fit Model or clothing technician, Wendy Stuart works with major clothing labels. Wendy's client base is as eclectic as her career. They include Eileen Fisher, Sag Harbor, Champion Activewear, as well as intimate apparel and swimwear companies. Incorporating her keen sense of style, and knowledge of fabrics, Wendy Stuart takes pride in the garments she creates ensuring a fantastic fit because she wants people to feel as fabulous as she does wearing them.

In addition to humans, Wendy Stuart has a small petting zoo in her apartment that includes a Cockatoo, a Chihuahua and, two English Angora rabbits. They are all loose, by the way, because Wendy doesn't believe in cages for animals or for humans. Wendy's philosophy about life is as follows- "less may be more, but more is always better, and the glass canít be full enough". Wendy Stuart lives her life this way...